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What is BAGMA Skills+?

BAGMA Skills+ is an online tool that allows you to capture and monitor the professional development of your team. It outlines the skills and qualifications required for each individual using industry approved standards as a benchmark. The tool is designed to help both managers and individuals to capture skills, achievements and professional development. The functionality of the system ensures that target setting and evaluation is simple and straightforward. Being able to evidence and endorse competencies is particularly beneficial if your business is required to demonstrate compliance with legislation.

Benefits to you, your team and the business

  • Involving your teams in their own personal development plan means that they’re more engaged with the business and its direction

  • Monitoring your teams training, skills and achievements over time can help close any skills gaps and identify opportunities for progression

  • Accurate monitoring of skills levels can help to improve customer service, enhance business performance and improve efficiency

  • The system is managed and updated on Lantra’s secure system which means that you can save on IT space and storage costs